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Dojo Kanojo Cho

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Affiliated with: Xiaolin
Element: Fire
Appearance: Enter the Dragon
Voiced by: Wayne Knight
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Every 1500 years, or so, Dojo would get a craving for Shen Gong Wu that was so powerful, he would destroy anything in his path to get to them if not kept inside his box for twenty-four hours. He had only gotten out of his box once before living at the temple with the monks; Master Fung said that it was the last time anyone ever saw Atlantis. Omi was put in charge of watching Dojo while the other monks were away. Dojo tricked Omi into releasing him, and then he set out to devour Shen Gong Wu, leaving Omi trapped inside his box. After a long chase and Dojo's consumption of Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, Master Fung, Jack Spicer, and Wuya, Omi escaped and defeated him in a Showdown, locking him back in his box until he was himself again.


Dojo's personality in this condition was very demonic. He persuaded Omi to open his box door and free him. He was without compassion and found entertainment in eating various things, including people. He also talked to his second head often, hinting at a momentary case of double-personality, though they shared the same thoughts and ideas.

Physical appearances

Dojo changed appearances in a few ways during this situation. He grew another head, his scales were darker and more prominent, and he had a Chinese dragon-styled mustache on both faces. Also, his yellow scales ran all the way down his body, unlike his normal image.

Powers and Weaknesses

Like always, Dojo could fly and change his size. However, under these circumstances, he somehow also had enhanced strength and endurance and could breathe fire.


Dojo talked to his other head, whom he enjoyed conversing and joking around with.

Battle Record

Xiaolin Showdown
Opponent Episode Challenge Wagered Wu Result
Omi Enter the Dragon Who Can Capture Whom Fist of Tebigong Loss


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