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Daddy Bailey

Affiliated with: Bailey Family
Place of origin: 🇺🇸 Texas, USA
Introduced in: Big as Texas
Last seen in: The Black Vipers (episode)
Voiced by: Greg Baldwin
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Daddy Bailey is the father of Jessie and Clay Bailey. He first appeared in Big as Texas.


Mr. Bailey was the head of the Bailey family and a rancher. He lives on his ranch in Texas and raises cattle.


Mr. Bailey was tough, strong willed and opinionated, and an all-around cowboy. He was also a little prideful, but still loving towards his family. He had doubts about Clay being at the Xiaolin Temple for a short time, but then he saw that Clay had built character and grown into a real man because of his experiences there, so he allowed him to stay.

Mr. Bailey with his son, Clay

Physical Appearance

Mr. Bailey wore a cowboy outfit accented with a ten-gallon hat, cowboy boots, and the Star Hanabi (which he referred to as the "Lone Star of Texas"), a family heirloom passed from father to son through the Bailey family line. He had brown hair, and a large brown mustache.


Clay Bailey

Clay Bailey deeply respected his father and looked up to him. He held his "Daddy" in high regarded. Mr. Bailey gladly gave his son the Star Hanabi after he realized that Clay really was a man. Mr. Bailey was very proud of his son.

Jesse Bailey

According to Jesse, Mr. Bailey had always treated Clay with more favor than her. She felt that she was always being compared to her brother, and that she always came in second. She was also upset that Clay was allowed to go to "Monk School" while she was left behind. Because of this, she joined the Black Vipers Gang. Nothing else was mentioned about her relationship with her father, so it is unknown whether or not this conflict in her life was resolved; although, we do know that she has made things right with Clay.


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