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Crest of the Condor

Type: Elemental
Introduced in: Wu Got the Power
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The Crest of the Condor was an elemental Shen Gong Wu used by Raimundo Pedrosa. It further enhanced his wind offenses and defenses.


The Crest of the Condor worked in the same way as the other elemental Shen Gong Wu, that is it was placed on top of the shoulder and extended along the arm when summoned. This was the only elemental Wu that covered the entirety of the arm and hand combined.


The Crest of the Condor manifests elemental energy in order to enhance wind elemental attacks, however it could also produce its own wind abilities when it's user has adept knowledge of elemental power, such as when Omi used it to create a typhoon that lifted a shrine with himself into the air. Combined with the Blade of the Nebula, it can create storms and attacks strong enough to pierce and bend through solid steel.


Under the influence of Hannibal Roy Bean, Omi took this and the rest of the elemental Shen Gong Wu and absorbed their powers for a time.

Raimundo was usually seen using the Crest Of The Condor with his Wudai Weapon: the Blade of the Nebula. He used this combination to blow away the zombie replicas of Jack Spicer, against Spicer's Bubble-Bots, and again against his Bird-Bots.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown


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