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Chucky Choo


Affiliated with: Xiaolin
Appearance: Chucky Choo (episode)
Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche
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Chucky Choo was a con dragon and an old friend-turned-enemy of Dojo Kanojo Cho


Chucky Choo liked to trick people. An example of this was when he tricked some of the Heylin villains into buying fake Shen Gong Wu. He was witty, but easily frightened and showed not only a lack of loyalty but outright betrayal towards trusting associates when it suited his needs.

Physical appearances

His body shared a resemblance to that of Dojo's, albeit a larger stomach, wig, and slightly lighter green scales. He also had some curly hair on his stomach.


Xiaolin Side


He once stole Dojo's family yo-yo long ago. This caused animosity for Chucky to appear in Dojo for many years. He would try to amend this by giving Dojo back the yo-yo, only to con him twice to Dojo's dismay.


The monks took care of him, but later he betrayed them to save himself. In the end, he apologized for his actions, yet still departed from their lives with Dojo's beloved family yo-yo.

Master Monk Guan

Following Chucky's turn to the Xiaolin side, Master Monk Guan made him the official dragon of his temple. The two seem to get along very well as seen riding a bike together in a photograph.

Heylin Side

He tricked many Heylin members, such as Jack Spicer, Wuya, and Cyclops to buy fake Shen Gong Wu from him.


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