Christy Hui


Birth name: Christy Hui
Nationality: Chinese
Show details:
Role: Producer and Writer of both series

Christy Hui is the creator of Xiaolin Showdown. She grew up in China and moved to the United States. She confirmed to have created the new series, Xiaolin Chronicles.

Former works

Christy Hui's most famous known work was Xiaolin Showdown, a series based on the journey of four young monks.

Current work

She stated that she is working on a girl's project called Hulala Girls partially because Xiaolin Showdown had many female fans and it was questioned why there were not as many female protagonists such as Kimiko. This project will include a social networking site and hopefully a TV series. [1] It has also been stated that she is currently working on a sequel series to Xiaolin Showdown named, Xiaolin Chronicles. After a WIP was leaked of a scene in the new series she confined that she actually worked on it and it was actually sent via Facebook.

Personal Life

She currently lives in California. She received her MBA from the University of Southern California, and worked for companies including Sony Pictures and DirecTV. In Xiaolin Showdown, which was produced by Warner Brothers Animation, she has a Shen Gong Wu named after her, the Fountain of Hui (however "Hui" also means "knowledge" in Chinese). This Emmy-award winning show ran for fifty-two episodes, and aired on both KidsWB and Cartoon Network. She also recently created a girl-oriented TV project called Hulala Girls which also features an interactive online community with a green message. KidScreen Magazine recently reviewed this project. The site aims to deliver green messages to kids through fun and games.According to Christy Hui she took a tour of the world after ending Xiaolin Showdown to reconnect.

Ms. Hui volunteers in Mentoring USA and is an active participant of LA's BEST, an after-school program for LA's inner school kids.


Business & content development exec with a creative streak and broad experience in all aspects of corporate/market development, sales and marketing, and strategic alliance creation in a variety of industries. Focus on entertainment IP development, licensing, and marketing. Particularly interested in digital media and content creation including the development and production of iPhone apps, mobile games, and web content.


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