Chase's Lair

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Introduced in: Master Monk Guan (episode)
Last seen in: Hannibal's Revenge
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Chase's Lair

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Introduced in: New Monk on the Block
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Chase's Lair was a fortress made into a volcano with the sculpture of an evil creature face as the only entrance.


Outside Appearance

Chase's lair was only accessible by flight, since it was high up on a mountain, and its front had the appearance of a demon's face. The door to Chase's lair was impossible to locate, instead it would open as a large and imposing stone wall only at Chase's will; this door had two torches to either side of it.


Unlike the outside, the inside resembled that of a palace, filled with beauty and elegance. The immediate inside was a large series of staircases, open rooms, and pools of water. The whole area glowed blue and was shining white, and there seemed to be an endless amount of rooms and passageways.


The hallway to get to the inside was long with poor lighting with torches on both sides (presumably to intimidate unwanted guests).

The Dining Room

Chase could often be found in his spacious dining room, eating a large spread of various foods. His main course is always the Lao Mang Lone soup.
Chase lair inside

Chase's lair inside

The Training Room

The training room was where Chase trained with his Jungle Cats and the place where he fought Master Monk Guan. It had mirrors that popped up from the ground to confuse his opponents, and a fire ring at the bottom, moving platforms, and a spinning crop blade that could rake across the floor.

Throne Room

Chase's Throne Room had a large throne and was the main spot for Chase's minions. It appeared to have changeable ceiling styles, going from night, to sunset, to midnight, to dusk.

The Pool

Wuya 37

Chase's lair pool

Wuya was seen here in her leisure, feeding grapes to one of Chase's crows. She was often seen sulking near here when she sensed a new Shen Gong Wu.

The Roof

The roof was a small platform that was surrounded by lava, it was only seen in the video game, but it was hinted it existed in the show.


This castle had a variety of residents throughout the Xiaolin timeline.


Xiaolin Showdown Xiaolin Chronicles

Did You Know...?

  • A recurring joke in Xiaolin Showndown was Jack getting slammed by the stone door entrance.
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