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Time After Time: Part II

The Changing Chopsticks were a Shen Gong Wu that would shrink the user or another object to the size of a grain of rice and to return the shrunken object to its original size.


The Shen Gong Wu was a pair of gold chopsticks with ornamented ends.


The Changing Chopsticks could decrease the size of the user, an object or many people and objects together. In the beginning it was shown that the Changing Chopsticks needed physical contact to decrease someone's size, but later in the series it could unleash a yellow beam to do so. It could also be used in combination with the Reversing Mirror to increase an object's size, but both Shen Gong Wu were then required to shrink things to their normal size. Regardless of the size modification, if the change was not reversed within a day, the results will become permanent.

In the Xiaolin Showdown (video game), it minimizes all other characters.


The Changing Chopsticks were found in the nostrils of a statue on Easter Island, and Omi and Katnappe had a showdown for them, which Omi lost. Jack used them to help build his Chameleon robot. They were among the Shen Gong Wu given to Pandabubba, but the monks got them back when Pandabubba was arrested. Jack used the Glove of Jisaku to steal them but when he and the monks were swallowed by Dojo he gave them back so he could get out. Later, he stole them along with several other Shen Gong Wu. Jesse received them from Jack in when they were working together, but she double-crossed him, and Clay used them in showdown against her, which he lost, but they were among the Shen Gong Wu Jesse returned to the monks.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Xiaolin Showdown
  • Heylin (104: "Katnappe!" - 205: "Pandatown")
  • Xiaolin (205: "Pandatown" - 207: "Enter the Dragon")
  • Heylin (207: "Enter the Dragon")
  • Xiaolin (207: "Enter the Dragon" - 209: "Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil")
  • Heylin (209: "Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil" - 215: "The Black Vipers")
  • Xiaolin (215: "The Black Vipers")
  • Jessie (215: "The Black Vipers")
  • Xiaolin (215: "The Black Vipers" - 226: "Saving Omi")
  • Heylin (226: "Saving Omi - 306: "Oil in Family")
  • Xiaolin (306: "Oil in Family" - 313: "Time After Time: Part II")

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