Featured Shen Gong Wu: Helmet of Jong
Main enemy: Chameleon-Bot
Editor: Myra Orywang
Written by: Ray Delaurentis
Director: Dana Riba
Producer: Christy Hui
Bob Roth
Bill Motz
Music: Kevin Manthei
Release details
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Overall: 6
Premiere broadcast: December 6, 2003
Premiere network: Kids' WB
Production code: 106
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"Chameleon" is the sixth episode of Xiaolin Showdown. It was directed by Dan Riba and written by Ray DeLaurentis. It originally aired in the United States on Kids WB on December 6, 2003.


Jack kidnaps Kimiko and sends in his Chameleon-Bot in her place to steal the Shen Gong Wu right under the Xiaolin Warriors' noses. Omi, however, almost immediately senses that something's wrong with Kimiko, and it is not long until the Xiaolin Warriors discover the truth.


The episode begins with the Xiaolin monks honing their instincts by attacking each other with Shen Gong Wu. Omi defeats the other three by predicting which Shen Gong Wu they would choose. He then proclaims that the team should have no problem dispatching evil as Jack Spicer is left with only the Jetbootsu and the Changing Chopsticks, which should not allow him to cause significant troubles.

Meanwhile, Jack is using the Changing Chopsticks to utilize nanotechnology in creating a new machine. After demonstrating to Wuya that the Chameleon-Bot could imitate the form of Kimiko Tohomiko, they formulate a plan to steal all the Shen Gong Wu from the Xiaolin Temple.

Later, Kimiko receives a message on her PDA from a secret admirer to meet in the vault of Shen Gong Wu. After she arrives, Jack shows up with his Chameleon-Bot after Kimiko tries to fight it, but it tires her out and Jack kidnaps Kimiko, later he has the Chameleon-Bot replace her.  The next morning Raimundo tries to beat Omi's Tiger instincts with a candy under the cup game, but loses three times. After that Chameleon bot meets up with Omi, Raimundo and Clay. However Raimundo Pedrosa and Clay Bailey are completely fooled by the disguise but Omi has doubts.

Jack returns to his lair and imprisons Kimiko within a shock cage and briefly flirts with her. Afterwards, Kimiko watches helplessly from her cage, as the Chameleon-Bot scouts out the Xiaolin Temple, shortly after Kimiko confronts Jack, Wuya senses that the Helmet of Jong has activated. Jack and Wuya leave to recover the artifact, which gives its wearer the ability to see behind his or her own head. This gives Kimiko time transmit a virus via her PDA into Jack's security system.

After arriving at the Helmet of Jong, Jack manages to challenge the Chameleon-Bot, as Kimiko, to a Xiaolin Showdown. He wagers the Changing Chopsticks against the monks’ Third-Arm Sash in a pillar-jumping race to the Helmet of Jong. The Chameleon-Bot loses to Jack on purpose, so the Xiaolin monks return to the temple in defeat.

Later Raimundo is still trying to trick Omi's tiger instincts with a find the Ace card game, but is still beaten by them.  Omi tells Raimundo and Clay that Kimiko might not she may appear to be, but they just think (As Clay says "Junier than a June Bug") crazy.  So Omi suspiciously decides to stalk Kimiko since she looked as if she didn't even try to win the showdown and arrives at the vault of Shen Gong Wu. At the temple Vault, Chameleon bot disguised as Master Fung tells Omi that he's been through a lot and needs to get some rest. He is easily fooled and leaves. While Omi walks away he is surprised to see Master Fung again outside of the Temple Vault. He convinces Raimundo and Clay that the Chameleon-Bot is an impostor Kimiko attempting to steal the Shen Gong Wu. While they battle, Jack sneaks in using the Changing Chopsticks and steals all the Shen Gong Wu he can. The real Kimiko arrives to help fight the Chameleon-Bot, but they reach a stalemate. Raimundo and Clay can no longer tell which Kimiko is which, so Omi guesses and destroys the Chameleon-Bot, but nearly kills Kimiko instead since even he could not figure out which Kimiko was their's. However, Jack manages to escape in the confusion, taking all but the Mantis Flip Coin with him. The episode closes with Wuya foretelling the coming of Mala Mala Jong.

Revealed Shen Gong Wu

Helmet of Jong

HelmetofJongNew.png Main Article: Helmet of Jong

The Helmet of Jong is a Shen Gong Wu that allows the user to see out of the back of their head. It was revealed in the episode Chameleon, were Jack and his newest robot, the Chameleon-bot (disguised as Kimiko) have a showdown for it, which Jack "wins." It was located on a statue's head in a temple.

Shen Gong Wu Tally

Xiaolin Monks

  1. Mantis Flip Coin

Jack Spicer

  1. Changing Chopsticks
  2. Eye of Dashi
  3. Fist of Tebigong
  4. Helmet of Jong
  5. Jetbootsu
  6. Monkey Staff
  7. Shroud of Shadows
  8. Sword of the Storm
  9. Tangle Web Comb
  10. Third-Arm Sash
  11. Two-Ton Tunic

Lost Shen Gong Wu

  1. Golden Tiger Claws

Did you Know

  • Raimundo says that Jack has one Shen Gong Wu, the Changing Chopsticks. When he should also have the Jetbootsu.
  • Jack is shown removing the Falcon's Eye from the monk's vault, even though it is not revealed until the next episode.
  • When Wuya said "Dear, Jack" while she and Jack are at the latter's home at the end of the episode foreshadows the season one finale episode In the Flesh when Wuya says "Dear, Raimundo" while she and Raimundo are on the top of a hill. Plus, when Master Fung said "this is most unfortunate" at the near end of the episode foreshadows him saying "this is most troubling" towards the end of the season one episode finale.
  • When the Tangle Web Comb is wrapped around Raimundo at the beginning of the episode references when the Shen Gong wrapped around Kimiko during the episode Tangled Web. Plus, Master Fung had to unravel it both episodes.


  • Raimundo says in this episode, "We're never going to go after each other". Yet later in the season one finale episode Omi, Kimiko, and Clay go after him when he turns to the Heylin side. Then later in the series Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay must go after Omi when he becomes evil also. Also Clay when Sibini crawls inside his head.


Grab the Helmet

Type: Xiaolin Showdown
Competitors: Jack Spicer, Chameleon-Bot (as Kimiko)
Wagered: Changing Chopsticks, Third-Arm Sash
Prize: Helmet of Jong
Outcome: Jack Spicer wins.
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Grab the Helmet

Jack and The Chameleon-Bot (disguised as Kimiko) both grab the Helmet of Jong at the same time. Jack calls wagers his Changing Chopsticks against Chameleon-Bot's Third Arm Sash. Jack winks at the Chameleon-Bot, knowing that he will win.

Once the showdown starts, the statues immediately right themselves, and more statues appear. The Helmet of Jong lies on a big statue at the end. Chameleon-Bot and Jack begin the showdown. Jack reminds the Chameleon-Bot to make the showdown look realistic, to which he almost gets hit by the Third Arm Sash. Chameleon-Bot gets to the Helmet first, but falls off the statue, letting Jack win the showdown.

Voice Cast

Rene Auberjonois Master Fung
Jeff Bennett Clay Bailey
Danny Cooksey Jack Spicer
Grey DeLisle Kimiko Tohomiko
Tom Kenny Raimundo Pedrosa
Wayne Knight Dojo Kanojo Cho
Susan Silo Wuya
Tara Strong Omi


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