Blind Swordsman


Introduced in: Treasure of the Blind Swordsman (episode)
Last seen in: Hannibal's Revenge
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The spirit of the Blind Swordsman is a powerful magic spirit that servers whomever owns the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman.


The Blind Swordsman was first summoned by the Xiaolin Monks when they were trying to rescue the treasure's guardian from Wuya and Jack. The spirit helped them learn how to use their Wudai Weapons so they could use them to rescue the guardian, but they left the treasure behind, and it was claimed by Hannibal Roy Bean.

Hannibal Bean later summons the spirit to get rid of the monks so he could claim the Fancy Feet Shen Gong Wu. The fact that they were beaten so easily inspired them to find a plan to get the treasure back from Hannibal Bean. Ultimately, when Raimundo pretended to join Hannibal Bean, he wagered it in a showdown and surrendered, so control of the treasure and the blind swordsman ended up back with the monks.

The spirit is summoned once more to turn Kimiko into Jack Spicer temporarily.


The blind swordsman is calm, and doesn't show emotion. He is only loyal to whomever controls the treasure and obeys them without question.

Physical appearances

The blind swordsman has the appearance of a Chinese genie, dressed mostly in white with a wispy tail. His eyes are usually closed.

Interestingly, despite his name, he does not carry a sword.

Powers and Weaknesses

It is unknown the full extent of the Blind Swordsman's power.


The spirit has no special loyalty to anybody, except to whomever controls the treasure of the blind swordsman, regardless of whether they're good or evil.

Major Battles


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