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Appearance: Bird of Paradise (episode)
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The Bird of Paradise was a mythical, legendary bird that appears in "Bird of Paradise".


This creature was a mystical bird who apparently was immortal. When a singing old lady was seen (singing really badly), it was the sign of the coming of the Bird of Paradise. Whoever found this creature would receive powers they had never before known. It was hidden in the Land of Nowhere.

The Xiaolin monks went on a quest to find this creature, along the way, they encountered Chase Young and Jack Spicer, who made various attempts to thwart them. They also encountered the singing old lady a couple more times, saving her from falling in a river and one of Chase Young's monsters. After the monster was defeated, it's revealed that the singing old lady is actually the bird in disguise. The bird proceeds to tell the monks about their best qualities (courage for Kimiko, loyalty for Omi, strength for Clay, and kindness for Raimundo), before flying away (still singing badly).

The bird, disguised as the singing old lady.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: It could transform into an old lady by will.
  • Flight: It could fly at incredible heights.
  • Light Generation: It could generate magnificent lights.


Xiaolin Showdown

Bird of Paradise

Xiaolin Chronicles


  • This bird, as Clay Bailey put it, "...couldn't carry a tune in a bucket."
  • The Bird of Paradise seemed to represent the personification of good in the balance of life, while the Ying Ying Bird seemed to represent the personification of evil.
  • In real life, a Bird of Paradise is an actual animal, except it is much smaller.

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