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Affiliated with: Xiaolin
Element: Wood
Signature Weapon: Morphing Chopsticks
Place of origin: 🇫🇷 France
Introduced in: Mi Temple, Mi Casa
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Barkey LeBois was the guardian of Princess Kaila's temple and the last person to hold the title of the Xiaolin Dragon of Wood before Ping Pong.


Barkey was the last person to hold the title of the Xiaolin Dragon of Wood. He was born in France, but he later moved to the temple to protect Princess Kaila. After that he fell into a deep sleep and when he was woken up by the monks, he was very sad to learn that Princess Kaila left the temple.

At some point in the past under unknown circumstances, Barkey was turned into a living tree. A side effect of his metamorphosis was that he no longer remembered who he used to be.


Barkey was wise and very loyal to every Xiaolin. He could stop at nothing to protect the people he cared about. However he could not trust people easily and he made quick conclusions.

Physical appearances

Barkey was a light brown tree with light brown leaves and orange fruits. He had holes for eyes, nose and mouth.

Powers and Weaknesses


  • Shen Gong Wu Creation: Barkey, like Dashi, could create his own Shen Gong Wu, like the Morphing Chopsticks.
  • Wood Manipulation: He could manipulate the wood in order to expand and alter his branches however he wanted. He could also levitate his fruits using this power and make pointed branches appear from the ground.


A side effect of Barkey becoming a tree was that he no longer remembered his life as a human to the point he couldn't even remember his own name.



Princess Kaila

He was very protective over Princess Kaila and he wanted to protect her at all costs. He was very sad when he learned that she had left the temple.

Ping Pong

Barkey liked Ping Pong, and Ping Pong was the only monk who spoke nicely to Barkey att the first place, becoming friends with him in the process.

Major Battles

Xiaolin Chronicles
Chase Young
Jack Spicer
Mi Temple, Mi Casa Shoku Showdown: All or Nothing Nothing Victory


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