The Bailey Family was a farming and ranching family in Texas. The Xiaolin Dragon of Earth, Clay, was the oldest child.


"Daddy" Bailey

Main article: Mr. Bailey
The tough head of the family, Daddy Bailey had a thick skull and was strongly opinionated.

Jessie Bailey

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Clay's young sister, Jesse felt overshadowed by her brother's achievements and joined the Black Vipers.

Clay Bailey

Main article: Clay Bailey

"Patty" Bailey

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Chronicles alternative of Jessie Bailey. Clay's younger brother. Patty felt outcasted and overshadowed by his brother and as a result created his alternate persona, Super Cow Patty, to prove he is a better evil fighter.

Old Bessie

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The Baileys' milk cow, Omi found a worthy challenger in her.

The Bailey Ranch

Located in Texas, the Bailey Ranch was founded where the Star Hanabi was hidden by Dojo.

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